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Forget the mobile web: One site should work for all

In answer to Jakob Nielsen’s recent advice

Mobile phone users struggle mightily to use websites, even on high-end devices. To solve the problems, websites should provide special mobile versions.

A load of nonsense, of course. So I’ve written Forget the mobile web: One site should work for all, published today at

Access to the web is a human right, says Bruce Lawson. It should not matter if you browse using a mobile phone, or with an assistive technology because of a disability. You should still have access to the same website a desktop user enjoys.

The Wall Street Journal has an interesting article called Squeezed! Small businesses have to decide whether creating a Web site for mobile devices is worth the expense:

Small firms have to decide whether to build or remake Web sites to accommodate them. The investment may be hefty, but so is the risk of ignoring an expanding market. … Companies can avoid the confusion and hassle of having two separate Web addresses by creating a single Web site that is viewable on either a PC or cellphone.

“One Web” isn’t a new idea, of course. Here’s a presentation called W3C – One Web: Going Mobile by Steve Bratt, former CEO of the W3C from November 2006.

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