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Future of Web Design, Bristol

On Wednesday I presented on HTML5 in Bristol as part of the Future of Web Design Tour.

The hour-long workshop “How to build a HTML5 Web site” involved me coding in real time (with hilarious typo consequences like “Dictype” instead of “doctype”; frankly, I’d be better typing with my dic than my hands).

Consequently there are no slides to publish, but I have an article called Designing a blog with HTML that covers the same ground. (Two articles on this blog cover it in much more detail: Redesigning with HTML 5 and WAI-ARIA and Marking up a blog with HTML 5 (part 2).)

Some other useful resources:

You can also download Opera 10 which I was using to demo.

There will be a video available, and the Carson types have promised that they’ll publish a transcript simultaneously. It’s nice to see them taking accessibility seriously, and I was pleased to see that they had someone signing the sessions for hearing-impaired.

You can grab the slides and notes for my second session, The Future of HTML5, which I tweaked slightly to deliver on Monday in Glasgow.)

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Comment by Tom

It was great to see you there! Fantastic presentation – certainly inspired a few of us for certain. And yes, it was great to have something on accessibility to a design crowd. Made us guys from Nomensa feel more at home 😉

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