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Goodbye, GeoCities: It’s the end of an era

Long-term readers may recall my 2004 CSS Zen Garden design, GeoCities 1996.

Now Yahoo! has pulled the plug on the GeoCities domain and all the sites hosted there, I’ve written a short article for ZDNet

GeoCities once seemed to occupy an unassailable position on the web, so its recent demise contains important lessons about the nature of the medium, says Bruce Lawson.

Read it.

2 Responses to “ Goodbye, GeoCities: It’s the end of an era ”

Comment by David W

Don’t miss , some guy set a cluster to the task of leeching as much as possible before the plug was pulled. Last I read, he was working with The Internet Archive to merge what they had with his crawl.

In my opinion, it’s probably one of the most important efforts that might be made in the future history of the Internet, to preserve its heritage. 🙂


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