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Hip hip hooray for San Jose


I flew in, dazed and confused, on Tuesday night and only managed to see the first morning of OSCON before I had to crash for a couple of hours in the afternoon, but I did get to see Jono Bacon present on building communities around Ubuntu – very relevant to my line of work and very interesting.

Tuesday night saw me in an iridescent lime-green t-shirt at the Linux Fund party, where I drank more than I should have (but not as much as Stuart Langridge, so that was alright).


Thursday saw me zipping up to Stanford University with the Sasquatch-wrestling John Foliot, where I gave a lunchtime presentation on HTML 5 (.ODP, 2MB) which was very well-attended. I also got to meet James Craig, after working with him online for a few years.

Then it was back to San Jose for dinner at the invitation of Google. It was odd to be surrounded by giants of the Open Source world, many of whom I’d never heard! Likewise, one guy I was talking to was developing a browser but had never heard of Zeldman—odd how two worlds coincide while rarely touching (Langridge is the only guy I can think of who passes easily between them). Swag was excellent at the Google party: an unlocked developer’s G1 Android phone. I can’t wait to get back to the UK to try it and download Opera Mini for Android.


Having woken up feeling fine, through the clever gambit of not drinking loads the night before, it was time to wander in and give my presentation. I felt fine until I was told that I was moved to the huge space where they do the keynotes because so many people had signed up to see me (about 120 expressions of interest).

My nerves were further shot when I tried to edit out a joke that I decided at the last minute wasn’t going to work, and Open Office crashed—2 minutes before I was due to start, leaving me to do ctrl-alt-delete and go into document recovery mode in front of an audience watching it broadcast on 4 huge screens.

Anyway, the talk went well, with some great instant feedback via twitter, and I didn’t do my usual trick of over-running.

If you’d like to grab my OSCON HTML 5 presentation (.ODP, 2.7MB), please do. Here’s my OSCON HTML 5 presentation video (FLV, 45 mins).

Getting beaten up by Open Source people

I confess that I was nervous, too, about presenting to a lot of very active Open Source coders as the rep of a closed-source company, on a Windows machine. (In my defence, it’s a dual-boot Ubuntu/ Windows machine and I needed to demo Internet Explorer).

I’m delighted to say that I had nothing but friendship and courtesy from all attendees, who applauded the fact that Opera evangelises, develops and follows Open Web Standards. I’d like to thank all those who made me feel so welcome; it was an honour to meet you.

San Jose, Stanford, OSCON photos.

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Comment by Michael Kozakewich

Speaking of web standards: It struck me right now that when I opened about thirty feeds all at once, and went through them all to resize and position to get them ready to read, that your site was one of two that didn’t require me to resize or scroll.
(The comment box I’m writing in right now goes off the screen, but it’s the only thing that does, so I won’t count that as horizontal scrolling.)


Comment by Ilan


It was good to meet you at OSCON last week. Thanks for joining us at the Linux Fund 10th anniversary party.


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