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HTML 5 at South By South West: vote for me!

I’m doing a panel at SxSW with Steve Faulkner, Remy Sharp and another to be announced.

HTML5: Tales from the Development Trenches

Panel description

HTML5 is coming. Originally called “web applications 1.0”, it brings new semantics, JavaScript APIs for drag and drop, offline storage, generating images, plugin-free video and form validation. It’s upset semantic web advocates, accessibility evangelists and baffled developers. Cut through the crap: learn what it is and what it does.

Questions we’ll discusss

  1. What is HTML5? It’s more than just HTML5, right?
  2. When can I start using HTML5, and what’s available *right* now?
  3. How does accessibility work in HTML5, and what about ARIA?
  4. What about XHTML, XML, XForms, RDFa and all that jazz?
  5. What if the browser doesn’t support HTML5?
  6. Is it gonna make Flash obsolete?
  7. What about Microsoft?
  8. What are the best and worst bits about HTML5?
  9. How does HTML5 affect JavaScript, and it’s interaction with the DOM?
  10. What are the commercial advantages of moving to HTML5 for my business / How do I get my boss to let me start working on HTML5 today?

Please vote for this panel and send a glam Brightonian JavaScripter and two middle-aged accessibilistas on holiday.

Martin Kliehm has a dedicated HTML 5 accessibility panel which looks pretty snazzy too.

.Net magazine awards

.Net magazine has me up for their Standards Champion award. I won’t ask you to vote for me, as my friends and colleagues Patrick Lauke and Molly Holzschlag are up for the same award (as are many other mates).

Good that Opera has three of its Developer Relations team up for this award—more than any other browser. (And I notice that Opera Unite is a nominee in the Innovations category, too.)

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