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HTML 5 doctor, Sitepoint article

On Monday, Rich Clark, Jack Osborne, Mike Robinson, Remy Sharp, Tom Leadbetter and I launched HTML 5 Doctor, a resource with small tutorials and references about—guess what? That’s right!—HTML 5. I hope it become the resource that I wished I’d had access to when doing my redesign after Xmas.

Yesterday, Sitepoint published an article of mine they called Yes, You Can Use HTML 5 Today!. The changed title made it seem like much more of a call to action than my original title “A snapshot of HTML 5″, updating Lachlan Hunt’s 2007 A List Apart article A Preview of HTML 5, and earned me comments berating me that current HTML 5 support isn’t perfect, but never mind.

Dull meta-note: I’d more or less given up blogging small announcements and links like this, as Twitter seemed more the medium for it. But at the @media conference, a lot of people who work in Evil Corporates told me that they can’t access Twitter at work, so I’m making a conscious effort to announce here as well.

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Comment by Rob

Some of us who don’t work in big evil corporations don’t see the value in Twitter and consider it an annoyance so, please, post everything here, too.

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