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On the British National Party

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So Britain elected two members of the “nationalist-but-not-racist” British National Party to the European Parliament in the last elections.

I’m shocked that anyone is shocked.

Racism has always been an undercurrent to British life, from the anti-semitism that George Orwell reported, and the huge support that the Nazis enjoyed amongst the British aristrocracy, to the man who called my children “mongrels” when we were out on the street (my kids are mixed race). Most of colonial history was based on the presumption that black Africans or brown Indians couldn’t possibly govern themselves without the civilising control of the white Englishman.

And, while we have the occasional race riot, we haven’t had any pogroms or systematised kirstallnachts but that’s not because we British are any less racist than any one else, it’s just that we have a long tradition of hating each other quietly.

But I have no wish to get the BNP morons silenced on Twitter, or their broadcasts banned from the BBC. Quite the opposite. I think making these people unite together as an oppressed minority encourages them. Let them speak out, and freely. They’ll soon reveal themselves to be one-issue thugs and will be returned back to their former lives by the majority of decent people as soon as the country gets over its entirely understandable wish to give a kicking to the mainstream parties who, it appears, have been robbing us blind for years.

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Comment by Pete

Mongrels are the strongest breed. They live longer, and have fewer illnesses. You very rarely find a mongrel with a dicky heart!!! I’m a mongrel too, and thankful for it.

Comment by Owen

As far as I can see, the BNP only won their seats because of two reasons:

1. the proportional representation system that’s used for Euro elections. The first-past-the-post system we have in general elections keeps them at bay. (I’m not against proportional representation, by the way, but it’s difficult to find a reasonable system.)

2. extraordinary voter apathy. In the UK only 35% of the electorate expressed an opinion. Extremist party supporters will always come out to vote, so proportionately their share of the vote rises when other people don’t bother. This is how the BNP can receive fewer votes than last time, but increase the number of MEPs they have.

Let’s just hope the mainstream politicians can clean up their act and get back in touch with the people’s concerns in time for the next general election, almost certain to be held in 12 months’ time. Not long, really.

Comment by Philip John

Couldn’t agree more and you echo the sentiments of David Higgerson who wrote a great piece recently on exposing the BNPs flaws rather than taking the ‘no oxygen’ stance.

The consensus does seem to be that the lack of Labour support has been the root cause of the BNP gains, as Owen says. This is backed up by a YouGov survey as reported by Channel 4 News today.

Comment by horuskol

While I tend to agree with your post there (especially the undercurrent of non-specific hatred) – and I find your point about letting them bloviate so that people who have some sense will come around to the idea that the BNP and other extreme political parties are a bunch of idiots, I have limited confidence in the sense of the masses.

Comment by JackP

“we haven’t had any pogroms” – I wouldn’t be so sure, even if you do need to go back a while.

I don’t think that a majority of people in the UK are racist. I think it’s a small, and decreasing minority. (Unfortunately, when one of them chooses to publicly be a twat about your children, you’ll probably think the proportion is higher) Also unfortunately, that minority, when added to BNP spin about ‘protest votes’ and the spin they put on their politics, this plus disenchantment (meaning turnout low, protest votes high) was enough to get them elected.

I hope all the people in the NW and in Yorks who don’t like the BNP but didn’t vote are thoroughly ashamed of themselves.

Comment by Shez

There are no such thing as different races, only one human ‘race’ with different ethnicities. The term ‘race’ as used commonly is a misnomer. So let us celebrate our diverse ethnicities – it’s what, among other things, makes us interesting. The BNP are a minority party and always will be, but like Bruce I wouldn’t suppress their output, rather encourage it so they can show themselves for the misinformed idiots they are.

Oh, and get off your arses and vote!

Comment by Bill Lees

Another chance to tell my favourite story about the great son of Hampshire and humanitarian cricket commentator John Arlott. He was on a plane flying to Johannesburg during the days of apartheid, and was given an immigration card to fill in. One of the questions was labelled “Race”, against which JA had simply entered the word “human”.

Comment by Andrew Brundle

Hi Bruce.

I wrote to you before to complement your Zen Garden design, Geocities.

I too am a Brit but for the last ten years have been living in Bangkok. I’ve not been back to England in all that time, but have nonetheless followed events.

It seems to me that this BNP nonsense is just the latest in a series of things that are, but by bit, turning the UK into a joke. I would hate to go back there.

BTW — my guess is that your children are luuk kreungs. My son is, too. He attends a private kindegarten near Don Muang and is treated like a god. Not because he is the son of an Oxford-educated Brit who makes cheap websites for the good people of Thailand.

On the contrary, he is treated this way because he is a “mongrel”.

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