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Seven things you didn’t want to know about me

Langridge tagged me with one of these meme things. It is supposed to be called “seven things you may not know about me”, and Langridge wanted some comedy, but looking at my list I think my title is more accurate.

  1. I’ve had carnal knowledge of women from all the world’s major religions except Judaism. Before you shout “anti-semite”, I tried very hard to rectify this deficiency with Ayelet from Tel Aviv but her room-mate came home too early.

    When I got married I decided that abandoning this particular spiritual quest would be prudent to preserve nuptial harmony. My wife agrees.

  2. I have difficulty playing the basic F major chord on guitar.

  3. I’m actually quite shy, but conceal this with an loud egocentric persona. People think I’m quite easy-going, but I have a vile temper.

  4. I once got a girlfriend pregnant and we agreed she should have an abortion. Our never-was daughter would be 17 years old now. That thought haunts me.

  5. I’m not racist, sexist or homophobic. But I dislike spending time with stupid people.

  6. About a year after we were married, my wife woke up and told me that she’d had a dream of a small girl swimming towards her in the ocean. Later that day she used a pregnancy testing kit and it was positive. That’s why our daughter is named Marina (after the T.S. Eliot poem).

  7. I can transform myself into a duck in my guise as The Great Duckano.

To continue this meme (which is geekspeak for “chain letter”) I have to tag seven more people to tell us seven things we might not know about them. So start confessing, Yeni Setiawan, Simon Mackie, Putri, Citizensheep, Todd Libby, Jake Smith and Joanna Geary.

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13 Responses to “ Seven things you didn’t want to know about me ”

Comment by Pete

I can tell you two other things about you….

1. You have not trained at your Karate lesson this YEAR

2. You are a lazy, undertall bastard!

See you Wednesday!


Comment by Todd

1. I am deathly afraid of heights.
2. I have 2 kids (boy & a girl)
3. I watch cartoons when the kids aren’t around.
4. I listen to classical music.
5. I have a fear of enclosed spaces.
6. I’m still learning web design every day.
7. I wanted to be a pirate when I grew up.

there’s more, but that’s strictly confidential. 😉

Comment by John

F Major might be “basic” but it’s probably the most difficult chord on the guitar. Er, I guess F Minor might be just a little more difficult.

BTW, have you blogged about being an English tutor for a Princess’s daughter in Thailand? Or is that a story you made up?

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