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The saddest photo I ever took

Leafing through an old photo album last night, I found this old picture.

I was walking through Plymouth Road cemetary, Redditch on a summer evening in 1991 and saw this tiny hand-assembled wooden cross, roughly nailed together, with “RIP Micheal 9 Months” written on it in permanent marker.

Who was he? How did he die? And what were the circumstances of his meagre memorial?

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One Response to “ The saddest photo I ever took ”

Comment by john Allsopp

To any parent, that is a powerful photo – a kick in the guts. Imagine the sadness of writing those words. The memories writing his name one last time would bring back. Of that memorial being all one could give your child. But a more powerful memorial than the grandest tomb. And ironically, when Michael would now be an adult, a kind of resurrection through your photo.

I wonder, have you ever been back?

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