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This year’s Yule charity

Long-term readers might know that I don’t give Xmas cards out. It’s not merely because I’m a miserable bastard: because we’ve got friends and family in the USA, Thailand, Turkey, Norway, it seems wasteful to pay to fly shop-bought sentiment half way round the world to end up in a landfill.

So I give a donation to a charity every year. This year, I’m giving what I reckon I’d spend on cards and stamps to Help Harry Help Others. It’s a Birmingham charity set up by a nine year old boy named Harry Moseley who has a brain tumour. Harry writes

I am ok at the moment but a short time ago a very special friend of mine – Robert Harley became very poorly. I met him at the hospital and he had a brain tumour also. I love Robert and wanted to help make him better so I decided to make beaded bracelets to raise lots and lots of money for Brain Tumour UK as they have highlighted the lack of funding and research into this very serious illness.

Sadly 4 weeks into my campaign, my special friend Robert died. This makes me very sad and although my campaign is going really well, I wish I had started it sooner.

I can no longer help Robert, but I know that he was proud of me and he wore my bracelet too. I have now decided to dedicate my campaign in memory of Robert Harley as this is my way of keeping his memory alive and something I know he would have helped and supported me with if he was with us today.

Please support me and my campaign so that we together can make a difference to all people that suffer with brain tumours.

So that’s why you’re not getting a Christmas card from me this year. Instead of sending me one, please send the dosh to Harry’s campaign.

I’m off now to hang out with the family until 4th Jan, as I’ve been away travelling for 3 months this year and need a break. Have a top holiday, regardless of which invisible friend in the sky you dedicate it to, if at all.

Update October 2011: Harry died of his brain tumour, aged 11.

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2 Responses to “ This year’s Yule charity ”

Comment by Henny

Donated and a great cause. My step dad had an inoperable brain tumour and it’s a devastating thing. Harry is a cool kid so thanks for introducing us to him.

Another thank you to you Bruce as you were a big supporter of my friend Sam ( last year and I wont forget that. ‘Nuff said.

Happy Christmas you miserable bastard 🙂 xx

Comment by Georgina

This is Harry Moseleys mom, and I just wanted to say a very big thankyou Bruce for your generous donation. Its overwhelming to see strangers supporting my little boys campaign especially as he works selflessly for others despite being ill himself. God bless you and thanks for supporting him.

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