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Contents and Index for Introducing HTML5

Don’t tell the publisher, but I’ve posted PDFs of Introducing HTML5‘s contents (34K) and Index (84K) so you can see what’s in it. (It’s £13 for preorder from amazon, hint hint.)

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10 Responses to “ Contents and Index for Introducing HTML5 ”

Comment by Bruce

About 6.

Or you could send £13 to Mr Amazon, and a uniformed lackey of the state will bring an extra-special PDF (Printed on Dead Foliage) directly to your door.

Comment by Teddy

Will this book be available as a e-book/PDF at some point? I don’t really mind paying the same amount for that, I just don’t want more paper books.

Comment by AJ

Do you have an update for the publication date – I’m checking everyday with Amazon, but nothing.

Comment by AJ

I now see on Amazon that they will dispatch this order within 1 to 2 months – what’s happening!

Comment by AJ

Now it appears to be temporarily out of stock on Amazon – so I have cancelled my order. Checking on I could get the book for delivery 20th August – but it appears that there will be several other books on the market then.

Do you have any further information about the ebook.

Comment by Bruce

AJ, apologies. I’ve no idea what’s happening with Amazon (as a mere author, I have no control over anything now!)

I’m sorry you cancelled the order, but understand why. R/e the ebook, I’ve asked the publisher for information.

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