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CSS 2.1 “not ready for use” says journalist

In a further devastating blow to the Web industry, a man on Twitter said that CSS 2.1 is “still not final”, although some irresponsible developers are already using it.

“CSS 2.1 suffers from severe interoperability problems”, said an excitable person. “If you set the height of a box, older browsers will nevertheless allow that box to grow to the height of its contents. This is disastrous to the credibility of these so-called ‘Stylish sheets'”.

“There is absolutely no way that CSS 2.1 can be used in production,” thundered a woman from behind a FrontPage CD. “There’s not even reliable cross-browser support for list-style-type: armenian!” (Test).

“It’s a scandal!” said a journalist who once saw a mildly pornographic image on a computer. “It shows that social networking, when combined with CSS, causes cancer and moral decline.”

Shares in office furniture manufacturing firms rocketed as IT Directors spontaneously and simultaneously evacuated themselves on learning that CSS 2.1 is still in development and not yet a full standard.

“The CSS 2.1 spec may not be finished until next Thursday, or even later” a bewildered-looking man with spectacles said breathlessly, clutching newly-purchased trousers tightly to his chest.

“We’ll have to go back to tables and spacer GIFs until further notice!” he continued while wheeling a chair out of Ikea and putting on a tinfoil hat.

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17 Responses to “ CSS 2.1 “not ready for use” says journalist ”

Comment by Gareth

It’s funny.. I was just reading an article by InfoWorld about holding off on deploying HTML5 because it’s ‘not ready’. Surely this comes down to the same situation.. If a specification is only ‘ready’ when its fully implemented in two browsers, we could be waiting a while..

CSS2.1 isn’t fully implemented in any one browser yet is it?

If none of these specifications are going to be ‘ready’ any time soon, should we all stop using it?

Pfft.. Party on I say!

Comment by Mark Power

As soon as I heard the news I packed up, switched off the web and moved into a cave. I’m not coming out until we’re sure it’s completely safe to get back.

And don’t give me no stinking nonsense about drop shadows either!

Comment by stelt

Is HTML 4.01 100% perfectly implemented by any browser?
Thanks to openness, they’re really, really, really close.

Don’t get me started on for example .doc in case someone thinks closed ‘standards’ are generally better.

Comment by Adrian Roselli

As the man on Twitter who wrote that CSS 2.1 is ‘still not final’ article that Bruce links above, I can assure you that I don’t wear spectacles, and if I had a need to buy new trousers, I would probably put them on for an interview. The tinfoil hat, however, is spot on.

Comment by Bruce

I can also confirm that Adrian Roselli has never looked bewildered.

Note for the irony-impaired: Adrian’s article is factual and correct. I’m mocking people who latch on to one small piece of information (“CSS2.1 is not final”), don’t comprehend the context and then extrapolate it to demonstrate the imminence of the sky falling in.

Comment by fjpoblam

What level of ANY language is ready yet? CSS1? HTML3? I’d sincerely like to know. Pray tell. Should all our websites look like the W3 website? I think I’d like to take a nap, now.

Comment by Jeff Dickey

Sounds to me as though some Large Vendor who isn’t particularly interested in open standards (since they subvert said vendor’s entire business model) is trying to empty a water can on the standards campfire. Wonder who that might be?

Lucky for us, the water in the can was poured out and replaced by petrol ages ago.

Comment by Daniel

Well, I was speaking to a man from the Oxford dictionary, the other day, and apparently the English Language “isn’t finished yet”!

(So I’m going to start learning French, because apparently that was finished in 1799.)

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