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Five things carrots can do that HTML5 can’t

I saw the marvellous 10 Flash Things You Can’t Do With HTML5 and it made me realise that HTML5 is rubbish.

In fact, it’s not even as good as a humble carrot. Here are five things carrots can do that HTML5 can’t, presented by Dr Archimedes Einstein.

(Captioned HTML5 video on Monday when I’ve worked out how to do it – it’s my day off and kids are nagging me to go swimming.)

Oh, and here’s the gag reel.

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19 Responses to “ Five things carrots can do that HTML5 can’t ”

Comment by Rudie

What a carrot can do… You can eat it… That’s not what a carrot can do 🙁 I was hoping you’d not mention that one. Too bad.
Frances is kinda right too. I was expecting you make a pun on that one too.

Comment by Bruce

I humbly beg your forgiveness, Chris, that a post called “Five things carrots can do that HTML5 can’t” was disappointingly trivial. I will remain forever grateful that you bothered to take even more time from your busy schedule to leave a comment telling me what a waste of time it was.

Comment by Todd

What?! No slides? i’ll buy the book, but this article needs a slideshow that is downloadable. Chris also probably peels carrots for a living.

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