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How to make websites that are mobile-friendly

I’ve written an article on making sure your websites have a fighting chance of working across devices (mobiles, consoles etc).

It’s for web designers used to making desktop sites, rather than for people designing iThing apps.

The article was originally called “The ultimate guide to mobile optimisation” but the boss rightly said no (you could write a book about the subject, but all the main points are introduced in the article).

So now it’s called Mobile-friendly: The mobile web optimization guide. Enjoy.

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2 Responses to “ How to make websites that are mobile-friendly ”

Comment by Phil Whitehouse

Great article – thanks! Just one observation though – having the precise Opera code within the emulator doesn’t necessarily translate to a perfect reflection of the mobile experience, because the different processor capabilities also need to be taken into account. Site performance is another key differentiator between competitors.

Comment by Glenn

Having a decent browser on your mobile thing helps a bit too. The standard one on my Nokia thing is a dog but I just installed Opera 10. Hallelulia!

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