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HTML5 it is a-changin’

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Molly wrote

Inspired by Shelley Powers who quipped “HTML5, it is a changing” on Twitter, I in turn said I was gonna write a Dylanesque song about HTML5. Of course, between that time and the time I got to the next available WiFi point, Jeff Allen wrote the song.

Opera’s Man in Japan, Daniel Davis, gave us a touching rendition on his ukelele:

In homage to the man known as “Ukelele-San” from Sapporo to Nagasaki, as well as to Molly, Shelley, Jeff, Hixie and His Bobness, I offer my rendition:

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Comment by Jeff Allen

Thanks Bruce! Loved it! Here’s an alternate verse for you try. I already gave @ourmaninjapan an alternate verse that you can find o Molly’s post:

Mozilla and Safari,
Opera and IE,
HTML 5 needs your help
To be all it can be,
Wide browser support
Would help tremendously
And don’t forget about support for CSS3
HTML 5 It is a changin’

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