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I survived a night drinking with Stuart Langridge

Hot on the heels of surviving South By SouthWest, I survived a night drinking with Stuart Langridge.

Stuart is a crazed ginger open-source commie and JavaScript geezer who works for Canonical, who make Ubuntu. He works from home, as do I, so we occasionally get together at the traditional Canonical-Opera Synergy Facility that is The Welly in Central Birmingham. This is a pub so hard-core they don’t serve food (though you can bring your own in and they’ll give you a plate). This is a pub without jukebox or one-armed bandit. Its one permanent concession to entertainment is a darts board and the occasional Cheese night (“bring your own exciting cheeses”). In short, this is a pub for beer and conversation.

So, over seven (or was it eight?) pints of real ale, we conversed. The topics included:

A splendid evening.

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Comment by Frances

The outrageous price of beer in London is lessened at lovely Sam Smith’s. So, you know, you two should really do a collaborative conversational rendezvous synergy with Pub Standards sometime with some of us nice web-world people 🙂

Comment by Bruce

Actually Frances, we were talking about San Smith’s pubs, as I want to use that pub behind Tottenham Court Road with the window boxes/ hanging baskets for a meet up in June. I used it for the first last year at the recommendation of some pub standards peeps, but I can’t remember the name of it! Any idea?

Comment by Bruce

I know! we got a lot into 200 minutes, given that our mouths were full of beer regularly too.

I felt a bit woozy this morning, but I suspect that was the result of asphyxiating myself with real ale farts.

Comment by Frances

You mean the Bricklayer’s Arms in Fitzrovia. That’s the monthly Pub Standards pub (see Stu supplied you with a URL already). It is a good little pub, although it was awfully warm in there that day for (or was that just the @media hangover?).

Comment by Stephen Hay

Um, I’d like to have the same conversation with you guys about CSS Template Layout. I’ll take the drinking as well, but I barely survived the last night of drinking with *both* of you in Amsterdam– more than a year later I think I’m still hung over. We’ll spare everyone the details of exactly *which* doors you were banging on in the wee hours. Ahem.

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