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Introducing HTML5 lands!

I got home to find my author copies of Introducing HTML5 had arrived, straight from the printer in the US. They’ll be on the shelves in a week or so.

Rather than engaging in weird “unboxing” photosets on Flickr, I decided to celebrate this joyous occasion in a different way.

(Images may be NSFW if you work a very prudish environment or are a nun.)

Flickr image: Bruce lies face-down on a bed, naked, reading a copy of his book while another copy is placed to prevent all of his shapely arse being visible

Remy upped my ante:

Flickr image: A black and white faux-1920s image of Remy naked, with his gentlemanly appendage obscured by a stack of 25 copies of Introducing HTML5

So get the book. It’s the only thing that will take your mind off these images.

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20 Responses to “ Introducing HTML5 lands! ”

Comment by Jason

How do I make sure that I never ever ever get one of the copies from those pictures? Might be safest to just not buy the book at all, at this point.

Comment by Matt Bee

This is unfair on the people like I that have pre-ordered the book, in fact I’m thinking of canceling my order on account of you and Remy causing me distress (or maybe “turning me”)

Comment by marina

dad, why do you have no shame…. D: your face is minging let alone your body :L

you’re a disgrace to the world

Comment by Bruce

well I was going to use the money from the book to buy ice-creams when we’re on holiday, but I expect you’re too hoity-toity to accept any? Good — I’ll just buy wine for Mummy and me.

Now go and do the washing up.


Comment by marina

@fifi lmao, and i obviously ignored the days of your modeling career 😛


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