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New Year CSS resolutions

Browser competition is hotting up again. Today’s release of Opera 10.5 pre-alpha New Year edition now includes HTML5 video, is the fastest browser on the planet, and also introduces lots of new CSS properties such as fancy borders, backgrounds and box-shadow like multiple background images, and CSS 2D transforms and transitions.

Many developers have assumed that only Gecko and Webkit browsers will ever render CSS rounded corners or transitions, so have only specified their CSS with -moz- or -webkit- prefixes—sometimes while simultaneously berating other browsers for not supporting these properties yet. Note that Microsoft has announced that IE9 will support border-radius but if you only specify Firefox and Safari in your code, your future IE9 users won’t see those wonderful rounded corners anyway.

So, to widen the reach of your super-sexy designs, please take a minute to add the -o- prefix to your CSS transitions and transform declarations, and to add border-radius and box-shadow without vendor prefixes.

Happy 2010. May your corners always by curvy.

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Comment by Bruce


you’re probably right, Alexis. (It’s one of the dangers of implementing specs before they’re finished)

Opera implements box-shadow without a prefix, however.

And happy new year to you!

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