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Response to receiving an election leaflet from the British National Party

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On Friday (St. George’s Day) I received an election leaflet from the British National Party. Here’s my video reponse, with transcription below.

Check out the YouTube comments. It’s like spEak You’re bRanes.

Happy St George’s Day. Today I received this leaflet from the BNP through my door. It offended me because my next door neighbour is a good friend; she’s a Birmingham-born muslim lady of Pakistani origin. She brings us round nice curries every time Ramadan ends and sends us Xmas cards and we do the same.

I myself am guilty of the grievous sin of miscegenation (marrying someone of a different “race”) as my wife is Asian. We have two appallingly off-white children, one of whom has just got into one of the best schools in England and will no doubt show how she’ll sponge of the state by doing well in her exams, getting a good job and paying lots of tax – abusing British hospitality thereby.

So I wondered what to do with this letter from the BNP. I thought about wiping my bottom with it but frankly it’s a little bit too glossy so all it would do is spread all the shit around, much like the BNP’s leaflet distributors. So follow me into my toilet where we’ll burn it.

Here we have the BNP’s leaflet on fire, and now I’m going to flush it down the pan where it belongs.

This has been a non-party political broadcast, on behalf of all the civilised and decent people in England, regardless of what country their parents came from, whatever religion they have or whatever their colour is.

Happy St George’s Day. Bye!

6 Responses to “ Response to receiving an election leaflet from the British National Party ”

Comment by stevebold

Is this response to get some praise from liberals? Really, it’s rather pathetic. Couldn’t you have just grown up a bit thrown it away?

Comment by Rob Kirton

#1 Stevebold. I guess Bruce could have just thrown the leaflet away. However as a natural / classical liberal (small L) I don’t find a problem with what he has done with the leaflet either in terms of method of disposal or indeed the means of publicising the fact.

It’s good that the true fascists in this country haven’t yet managed to either ban racists such as the BNP or prevent Bruce from making a display of his dissatisfaction with their message.

I’ll be quietly putting the BNP literature in the bin as you have suggested. However each to his own.. More power to your elbow Bruce, or whatever part of your anatomy your care to use.

Comment by Bruce


There’s a big difference: “The Nazi book burnings were a campaign conducted by the authorities of Nazi Germany to ceremonially burn all books in Germany which did not correspond with Nazi ideology” (my italics)

You – or anyone else – can read what they want; that’s your right. But I won’t have such stuff in my house; that’s my right.

Comment by Michael Kozakewich

You get some hateful mail and tell everyone how it offends you, and then random people on the internet call you a nazi and pathetic.

Good job, though; there’s really no room in a free country for racism.

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