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Thankyous for Introducing HTML5

As our book Introducing HTML5 goes to print, closing 6 months of writing, re-writing, re-re-rewriting as the spec changed around us, here are my acknowledgments (so damn many that I sound like some blubbing actress accepting an Oscar):

Mega-thanks to co-author-turned-friend Remy Sharp, and friend turned-ruthless-tech-editor Patrick Lauke: il miglior fabbro. Thanks to the Opera Developer Relations Team, particularly the editor of, Chris Mills, for allowing me to re-use some materials I wrote for him, Daniel Davis for his description of ruby, Shwetank Dixit for checking some drafts and David Storey for being so knowledgeable about Web Standards and generously sharing that knowledge. Big shout to former team member Henny Swan for her support and lemon cake. Elsewhere in Opera, the specification team of James Graham, Lachlan Hunt, Philip Jägenstedt, Anne van Kesteren, and Simon Pieters checked chapters and answered 45,763 daft questions with good humour. Nothing in this book is the opinion of Opera Software ASA.

Ian Hickson has also answered many a question, and my fellow HTML5 doctors ( have provided much insight and support.

Thanks to Gez Lemon and mighty Steve Faulkner for advice on WAI-ARIA. Thanks to Denis Boudreau, Adrian Higginbotham, Pratik Patel, Gregory J Rosmaita, and Léonie Watson for screenreader advice.

Terence Eden took the BlackBerry screenshots in Chapter 3, Ross Bruniges let me use a screenshot of his site in Chapter 1 and Jake Smith provided valuable feedback on early drafts of my chapters.

Thanks to Stuart Langridge for drinkage, immoral support and suggesting the working title “HTML5 Utopia. Mr Last Week’s creative vituperation provided loadsalaffs. Thanks, whoever you are.

Thanks to John Allsopp, Tantek Çelik, John Foliot, Jeremy Keith, Matt May and Eric Meyer for conversations about the future of markup.

Lastly, but most importantly, thanks to thousands of students, conference attendees and Twitter followers for their questions and feedback.

This book is in memory of my grandmother, Marjorie Whitehead, 8 March 191728 April 2010, and dedicated to Nongyaw, Marina and James, without whom life would be monochrome.

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7 Responses to “ Thankyous for Introducing HTML5 ”

Comment by Eric Meyer

Well, you’re welcome, though I have no idea what I could have said that merits such an honor. Unless it was the Q-DOS imbroglio. Cheers mate!

Comment by Bruce

– it was the discussions we had F2F and online about href-everywhere versus “block-level” anchors.

It helped me see the point of HTML5: and the dichotomy between the theoretical “best” that works no-where versus that which works now but which offended my xhtml mindset (anchors around block level elements?! an abomination!).

So thanks!

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