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What HTML5 is and isn’t

Like “Ajax”, HTML5 has become a bit of an umbrella term. Some people lump all kinds of unrelated technology like SVG, CSS 3, CORS, JavaScript, Geolocation, even webfonts in with it.

Remy and I are guilty too; we talk about Geolocation, Web Workers and Web SQL in our book Introducing HTML5.

Here’s a somewhat tongue-in-cheek handy cut-out-and-keep diagram that shows what is and isn’t HTML5, and also showcases my kick-ass design skills.

What's HTML5?

If you’re not busy next week, I’m building an HTML5 page from scratch (with Notepad++ and two visual aids) at Future of Web Design in London on Wednesday.

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7 Responses to “ What HTML5 is and isn’t ”

Comment by Bruce

Merhaba Zahek

unfortunately, I don’t own the video – it was made by the organisers of the Future of Web Design conference, so I can’t supply the password. I’m sorry.

I’d love to come to Istanbul to give the talk, though!

Comment by Jessica Lanford

I’m in the process of learning HTML5, primarily for multimedia. I want to stay away from flash because of the proprietary nature and uncertainty with the battle between Adobe and other corp giants. I saw the comment earlier, that you don’t have access to the password for the presentation. Is this still the case? If so, can you tell me who to contact to get the password? Thank you for your assistance.

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