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American democracy (export only)

Some products are made that are rarely seen in the nation that produces them. One of these seems to be American democracy. Successive American governments have been exporting democracy, even to places that appear not to want it, but are reluctant to allow their own people to partake of this delicacy.

“We very much want to see the human rights of the people protected, including right to assemble, right to express themselves” – Hillary Clinton on the Arab Spring.

Meanwhile, Oakland, USA:

“You can’t have a real dialogue when parts of the peaceful opposition are in jail…mass arrests and brute force are at odds with the universal rights of Bahrain’s citizens ” – Barack Obama about Bahrain.

Oakland, USA:

We’ll probably see similar video in the days after the Occupy Wall Street protesters were evicted and journalists covering it were arrested.

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4 Responses to “ American democracy (export only) ”

Comment by Rob

Of course you’re only seeing one side of the story and running with it without presenting the defacing of a public park and the surrounding businesses by those who were *allowed* to occupy it for many weeks and, when told they must move on because crimes were being committed and the park is a public park for use by others, refused to do so and, in fact, tried to move upon the police.

I don’t know why anyone would condone the destruction of public and private property and blocking the peaceful usage of a park by other citizens and blame the government and the police for it, especially when they were given warnings of days that such action would be taken and especially when they were allowed to occupy the park without bother.

While some may agree with this tiny group’s cause, most don’t or don’t care. Causing crime and violence distracts from the message and destroys it.

This is not an example of democracy. They are an example of anarchy.

Comment by Anonymous

While not in Oakland I do live in the U.S. and and agree there is a lot of hypocrisy. Perhaps if the U.S. focused more on itself and less on other countries the world would be a better place.

Comment by George

Rob, it must nice in this parallel universe you’re living where this is a “tiny group”. I also bet you haven’t heard of any financial crisis, any bank bailouts, economic system failing, recession, growing unemployment, gap between very poor and very rich becoming bigger and bigger, Goldman Sachs who’s deciding everything from ministers to prime ministers to head of treasuries financial policies and so on.
But yeah, noise polution can be quite a bitch, I get you.
Excuse me, the fact that you are ignorant does not amuse me, or makes me angry, it just saddens me. I sincerely hope you soon wake up from the deep sleep/coma you’re in and read a bit, learn a bit, all this before the problem knocks on your door.

Comment by Michael

And Rob, what’s wrong with a bit of anarchy? Certainly this archy we are living in hasn’t exactly turned out well for the vast majority of people in the world.

Obligatory disclaimer: I’m an anarchist.

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