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Conference jargon-busting

After three conferences back-to-back, here’s my start of a conference jargon-busting dictionary. Please add your own.

“Enterprise solution” = ludicrously over-priced bloatware
“turnkey” = turkey
“ecosystem” (as in “Apple ecosystem”) = vendor lock-in
“keynote speech” – content-free flatulence from a bigwig
“inspirational speech” = content-free flatulence with nice pictures taken from Flickr creative commons, and attributed in tiny, tiny type
“party” = purgatory
“panel” (as in “SxSW panel”) = the only way to pleasure your best friends under a desk in public without breaking the law
“Awesome!” = yawn
“paradigm” = punch me

6 Responses to “ Conference jargon-busting ”

Comment by John Allsopp

Oh noes,

so often true, but we try really really hard to make sure none of that is true at Web Directions events (you have no idea how hard it is some times)

Comment by Rob Kirton

Hats off to you Mr Lawson, for managing not to give either inspirational or keynote speeches, whilst avoiding being a member of a panel and also managing to duck out of the Awesome parties.

What exactly did you get up to? Unless of course you succumbed and now feel dirty about it – in which case you can spill the beans in the next blog post.

Awwww just forget it. Keep up the straight talking and firing from the lip – it could prove be a paradigm shift in conference reporting:0)

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