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HTML5 gurus on Twitter

Want an avalanche of argument and a bewildering babel of information and opinions about HTML? Here are the people I follow on Twitter who regularly tweet about the development of HTML5. Many of them I often disagree with. Many are friends. John Foliot is in the intersection of those two groups.

If you or your favourite weblebrity isn’t on here, sorry. Even Hixie isn’t listed; I restricted myself to people who contribute to the Working Groups, regularly tweet opinions or news about HTML5 (not CSS, SVG, etc – those are future lists.)

Here are people who are employed by browsers. It’s important that you know their affiliation, but they’re on my list because they speak their minds, not corporate press releases.






If you’d like less babel and more curation, I heartily recommend following

Who am I missing? Let me know.

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36 Responses to “ HTML5 gurus on Twitter ”

Comment by Andrew Rabon

Wow, fantastic list! As if my stream wasn’t busting enough.

Paul Irish is a clever chap who makes nice demos

He’s done more than that… HTML5Boilerplate, jQuery, other stuff…

Comment by Mike M

Great list – Might make a Twitter list out of it.. my generic developers list is getting a bit cluttered!

BTW the link for Vadim Makeev is bodged – unless htto is a new protocol! 🙂

Comment by Shelley

I would consider adding Chris Wilson (cwilso) and Norm Walsh (ndw). Though they talk on other subjects, they also tweet on HTML5 issues.

Comment by Bruce

Mathias added (can’t believe I forgot him). Hixie not added; he’s tweeted twice in a year. Sam Ruby added. Paul Lewis not yet – WebGL is nothing to do with HTML5.

Comment by HTeuMeuLeu

To any french reading web developers : you can follow me @hteumeuleu. I tweet a lot about HTML5 demos, tutorials, and browsers news. (and just in case for all you english readers, my nickname is french for “EychTeeHemEl”)

Comment by Eric Meyer

@zeldman probably belongs on there more than me. I do tweet about HTML5 occasionally (granted it’s been picking up of late), but Jeffrey does so much more often.

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