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Introducing HTML5 Second edition

Yay! The first, the original, the sexiest, the motherflippin’ brownest book on HTML5, Introducing HTML5 is out in second edition!

What’s new?

It’s bigger, baby – having swollen from 223 pages to a tumescent 295 pages – for less than the cover price of the original. Apart from a photo of the snogtabulous uberhunks™ that are its authors on the front cover, and the inner colour changing from orange to blue, what are the highlights?

Updated launch photos?

You bet!

Remy, resplendent on the bed like a Botticelli painting. or a jelly botty picture.

bruce, looking elegant and intellectual in a lime green mankini

So buy the book already, or we’re coming round your house dressed like this to ask why you haven’t. And don’t forget to join in the fun by sending a photo of you with a copy of the book, doing your O-face, or wearing in mankini for inclusion in the HTML5 gallery of gorgeous guys and groovy gals.

Thanks to Krijn Hoetmer for the mankini. Next time I’m turning the heating on.

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