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Jack Henderson draws DRM

Bruce in front of giant screen with letters 'DRM' illustrated with scary faces, spiders and flames

I asked 6 year old Jack Henderson to illustrate my slide on Digital Rights Management for my talk on HTML5 multimedia at Web Directions @media, May 2011 in London. Even a 6 year old knows DRM is ugly and scary, so don’t do it kids!

Jack’s drawing pictures of anything in return for donations. He says “I am doing this because my little brother Noah goes to Hospital lots and the name of it is Sick Kids Hospital in Edinburgh”. His target was £100—he’s raised £20,000 so far.

Please consider donating or buying his book.

Apparently, Jack’s pretty pleased with his giganticest picture yet. We also made the Edinburgh Evening News.

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Comment by bruce

Delighted to help raise awareness. I am the proud owner of a small person who’s been in and out of hospital too, for a couple of ops.

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