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On the HTML5 logo

The W3C has released a logo for HTML5. I’ve been broadly supportive of this since I was told about it last year, but can’t help feeling a little disappointed that wrapped up in there are references to CSS in there.

Mashable reports that

logo designer Michael Nieling said in a statement, “The term HTML5 has taken on a life of its own; there has been significant confusion…as to what exactly HTML5 is when the term is used outside of simply referring to the spec itself”


In order to alleviate that confusion, let me point again to my video rant HTML5 != CSS3 rant:

For more on this, see Two cheers for the W3C’s HTML5 logo.

But I’m not going to be churlish; I shall be putting the badge on this site too. And getting the new outfit that Cole Henley so kindly mocked up for me.

If you’d like HTML5 badges to appear by magic on sites with an HTML5 doctype, my friend and fellow Operative @ourmaninjapan has an Opera Extension. For those with other browsers, he has a Greasemonkey/UserJS.

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20 Responses to “ On the HTML5 logo ”

Comment by CJ

According to the W3C blog post about this new HTML5 logo:

“W3C has also used the phrase “open web platform” to refer to the larger set of technologies. We had begun a logo design effort internally for the set of technologies, but put it on hold towards the end of 2010….”

OWP … Open Web Platform ? That would definitely ease the confusion. Will be interesting to see if they follow through with this.

Comment by JJ

It’s strange to see official endorsement of html5 as a buzz-word, but at the same time I’m kind of apathetic about it. Maybe it will end up being harmless.

Comment by Alex Delarge`

I used to go out of my way to explain the benefits of semantics. But to my surprise people just don’t care. So what if you can use the tag to define a section inside of the parent contained by a root that is also being defined by the . We all seem to forget, Typography, colors and CSS are the means of conveyance….. I digress. HTML DOM CORE: 0 means a the earth is round.

Comment by Schalk Neethling

Oh hell, I feel like a real ass now. HTML5 is no more, long live HTML ;D

So it is cool to use the all encompassing term HTML5. Well, that’s up to you, I, like Jeremy Keith, prefer to call it the web…

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