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Like everyone else, I post links to interesting stuff on Twitter. Some friends tell me that they miss those links because either they don’t follow me as I tweet lots of non-webdev stuff, or Twitter is blocked at their workplace.

So I plan to post those links to my blog. As with my tweets, I don’t necessarily endorse or agree with the links.

Listing useful links on blogs, eh? What an innovative idea.

Introducing HTML5 translations

A chum pointed me to Изучаем HTML5: our publishers tell us that translations are in progress into Simplified Chinese, Traditional Chinese, French, German, Italian, Korean, Polish, Portuguese as well as Russian.

Speaking Staffordshire University, Wed 16 Feb

I’m speaking with Remy Sharp and two other super-special guests (they haven’t announced yet) at Staffordshire University, Beaconside Campus. I’ll be talking about open Web standards. Remy will be talking about HTML5 APIs. Festivities begin around 1.30.

There are limited free places open to the public. Contact Fiona Knight (@fiona_knight) for details.

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