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Screencasting an Android phone

For my talk on HTML5 multimedia next month at web directions @media I plan to very quickly demo the HTML5 getUserMedia API (formerly <device>) on my Nexus S.

On my old Windows Phone I had a lovely program called MyMobiler to view your mobile screen on your desktop, which you installed and Just Worked.

Not so easy on Android, it appears. I found Android screencast but couldn’t get it working on Windows. So I tried it on Ubuntu; still no joy. When Ubuntu, hacking and things not working coincide, the way forward is to invite Stuart Langridge out to the Opera-Canonical Temple of Synergies and buy him beer while he swears at your machine, Google, Oracle, Ubuntu and anyone in the immediate vicinity. (“Java! You’re a massive cock-bubble!” was one exasperated highlight.)

And he did it! Read how in Ubuntu and Android, sitting in a tree (nearly), in which Stuart calls for Ubuntu to become the best platform for Android development.

Then we put the world to rights and agreed with each other about Apple again.

Update: Since writing this, I’ve been recommended Droid@Screen. I haven’t tried it yet, but I’m told it’s better than the method above, and it can be started by double-clicking the JAR file.

Hurray for friends who are cleverer than oneself.

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