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The Web Standards Hoedown

For afficiandos of songs about Web Standards, it’s like Hendrix, Presley, Lennon, Moon and Strummer meeting up and videoing a jam session (before they died).

Yes: the Opera Developer Relations Team annual meet-up was an opportunity for Andreas Bovens (banjo), Daniel Davis (ukular missile), Chris Mills (vocals, desk-drumming) and me (guitar) to play together.

I decided to write a hoedown, as our new American team members were feeling very homesick in Europe.

And here, ladies and gentlemen, is our Web Standards Hoedown. It’s a muscial version of HTML5, hollow demos and forgetting the basics. Yee har!


All this HTML5
makes me feel like I’m alive
I can’t wait to use it, me oh my!
I find it so upliftin’
that with <canvas> and some scriptin’
I can build myself a whole UI.


Hold your horses, friend
It’s just a means it’s not an end
you can just use HTML and SVG!
Use the shiny things now
But you gotta learn just how
to use them semantically.


Who gives a damn who I’m frustratin’?
Look – my webpage is rotatin’!
If you can’t use it, I don’t care.
Your browser’s blocked, quite rightly
if you don’t use this nightly
With this API I use just cause it’s there.


Sonny, I’ll give you the low-down
At this Web Standards hoedown:
Leave those guys and come and dance with me.
Let the specheads go square-dancin’!
We’ll be progressively enhancin’:
using standards semantically.

We’ll use the standards semantically.

Video by Patrick H Lauke, squeals from Divya Manian, impassive French man by Karl Dubost.

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