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Colin Lawson 21 April 1946 – 9 October 2012

I’m delighted to have arrived in Cape Town to speak at Content Strategy Forum with luminaries such as Kristina Halvorson, Luke Wroblewski, Relly Annett-Baker, and Cennydd Bowles (and many others whom I’m really looking forward to hearing).

But I’m sad that I’m missing the funeral of my uncle, Colin Lawson. Colin was my Dad’s younger brother – a lovely gentleman who ran a bike shop (Lawson’s Cycles in Christchurch) and played guitar in his local area.

In the early 60s, he was rhythm guitarist in a band called The Saxons, named by my Dad. Here they are, circa 1964: left to right unknown, Colin Lawson, unknown, Frank Smith, Roger Mabey (names gleaned from David St John’s site):

monochrome picture of five young men, posing with instruments in classic 60s style band pose

a different shot of the above pose

Their significant claim to fame was that they supported the Rolling Stones when they came to Southampton. Claims to fame don’t tell the real story, however; Colin was devoted husband to Barbara and father to Ruth and Guy.

It was Colin who taught me the most important lesson when I began learning the guitar (in the summer of ’82 after my O levels when I went to stay with him and Barbara). I’d wondered why I had to do all the pesky chord fingering with my left hand, when I’m right-handed. He explained my “lead” hand was used for strumming, which is far harder than fretting chords. Once I’d learned the chords and they were second nature, it was the rhythm that made a good guitarist. Of course, he was right, and I’ve never looked back.

Thanks, Col!

Five years or so ago he was diagnosed with cancer. There were several years of chemotherapy and blood transfusions, throughout which he remained upbeat (“I’ve felt better but looking forward” were the last words he said to me on the phone). Eventually, he succumbed, having been out to the pub for the last time less than a week before he died.

Colin Lawson: RIP (Riff in Peace).

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Comment by Mick Stewart

Hello Bruce,
you may just vaguely remember me from your childhood. I am an old friend of Cols. We had been very close since we were eleven years old and had remained in contact all our lives.
I had the privilege yesterday, of attending the celebration of Cols life. It was a truly beautiful and emotional service and a fine tribute to the finest bloke I ever had the honour to know.Your brother Guy delivered a very emotional eulogy, which touched the hearts of all those present. He explained why you were unable to be there Bruce, and conveyed your loving wishes. You would have been very proud of your brother. Barbara, Ruth and your cousin Guy were as always loving, gracious and generous in their heartfelt thoughts and words. I was able to share a few early memories with your dear father Jeff. Cols loved his family very much and was very proud of you all.
I will miss Cols terribly, but his soul will live on forever in my heart. Barely a minute passes when I don’t think of something that made us laugh, and we did a lot of laughing!
With much love
(ps.I do have the names of the other members of “The Saxons” and will make contact with Mrs.Mabey).


Hi I am Allan Formhals Ray Babey was my half brother, and the Drumer of the SAXONS I also went to
I went to most of the SAXONS gigs
They were great pals of the TROGGS, DAVE DEE and BRIAN POOLE

I WOULD love to talk to you
Please Email me

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