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Hard-working Tory MPs on “lazy British workers”

According to the Daily Mirror, five Tory backbenchers have said in a book: “Too many people in Britain, we argue, prefer a lie-in to hard work … Once they enter the workplace, the British are among the worst idlers in the world … We work among the lowest hours, we retire early and our productivity is poor.”

MP John Prescott wrote “The five Tory MPs calling British workers ‘lazy” have only ever been ex Tory advisors & Tory think tank wonks”.

That’s not quite true. Some of them have been employed in back-breaking, minimum wage roles like management, “advising”, press offices and consultancy.

The five are:

UK workers work the third-longest hours in Europe.

11 Responses to “ Hard-working Tory MPs on “lazy British workers” ”

Comment by Robert B

Look, I’d love this to be a searing, skewering indictment of them. Really I would.

But anyone who thinks that working somewhere like Linklaters is a 36 hour a week joyride clearly knows about as much about that environment as they might assume the Lazy 5 know about manual work.

And if you know the sort of demands that were placed on Mr Kwarteng to deliver meaningful information to brokers and fund managers, great. I’d be really interested to know how many seconds of research went into trying to find that out.

Enough assuming already. The Lazy 5 are wrong, sure, but this is a lame response.


Comment by Tony Pease

The Tories always tend to become intoxicated when in Government by the power it gives them to ruthlessy impose their ideaology. It’s then they tend to show their true colours, Breathtaking arrogance and hypocrisy.

Comment by Victor J. Hooper

Hiya Robert B, I appreciate you’ve a point of view & try to be ‘balanced,’ however to conclude by saying Lawsons commentary is “lame” is lame..ntable, you’re sticking up for Bankers/this “OUT OF TOUCH” and selfish Government?!

Olympics just finished, the best this country has felt good about in decades. Then this negative publicity from self seeking, pubescent, so called old/WISE tories, sticking their knives in ALL our backs. Whys it take five of them to stick the boot in?

I’ve worked in North America, Africa, Middle East and the across the EU and this is, as we all know, is NOT TRUTHFUL!

Why do it, so as to spoil the good feel factor, spin/leak before bad news from LibCons? What cause/effect going to be the result? Some self promotion, as no external investor is going to parachute into the UK after this deliberate, treasonous PR backfires! Sack the real originator or all five should do the honourable thing and let Cameron promote or slap their wrists?

What’s a real slap is, all those who work hard and go home every Friday stressed about jobs, wages and their lifestyles are threatened by LibCON ideology that they, NOT BANKERS have to be punished and “if it aint hurting it ain’t workin!” 🙁

Comment by Matt

@Robert B

Sorry, I say strawman. The piece doesn’t suggest the Lazy 5 never worked hard – just that their work history, such as it is, is very limited indeed. Yes folk at City law firms put in long hours, but it is only gruelling in relation to other white collar roles.

Comment by Bruce


“And if you know the sort of demands that were placed on Mr Kwarteng to deliver meaningful information to brokers and fund managers, great.”

Who cares? The Lazy 5 are saying that British workers work the lowest hours – which is just a lie – yet are the least productive. If Kwarteng worked long hours as an analyst in financial services, he was contributing to the catastrophe of greed and corruption that is the financial sector at the moment.

And if British workers put in long hours but still aren’t competitive or productive enough, I question the competence of their management – those people so revered by the legion of consultants/ analysts/ directors that the Lazy 5 come from.

Comment by HelenD

Marvellous! They have a book to plug and this is certainly the way to go about it. Mind you their backgrounds do suggest a certain mono cultural perspective. Get out and work in a shop or factory for a while then rewrite that book!

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