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New Spam Call: Charlotte

I got a call last night over dinner from “Charlotte” at “PC support”. As usual, I like to record them keep them talking for as long as possible, to waste their time and in the hope that they’ll blacklist me. I got Charlotte so grumpy that she hung up on me after 5 minutes.

Listen to Spam Call: Charlotte gets grumpy

There are more spam calls, and Reverend Bruce’s replies to spam emails, over at my Spam Letters.

4 Responses to “ New Spam Call: Charlotte ”

Comment by Harry Llewelyn

Haha, I love these!
Keep them up.

At work we just put them on hold, then every couple of minutes pick it up and say something like “He’s just coming, won’t be a second” and put them back on hold. I think the record is about 11 minutes.

Comment by Newton

You’re such a dick, but man this is freakin’ hilarious. I love the fact that you do this to the bastards that call you up and waste your time. You should make this a podcast or something I can have in my iTunes to listen all the time.

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