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There has been much discussion that localstorage is dead and we should all stop using it because IndexedDB is much better. It’s also 676% harder to learn. I initially wrote “Not sure that localstorage is broken. But “localstorage-for-big-data-eg-images-because-vendors-can’t-agree-on-a-DB-API” is certainly so.”

Nicholas Zakas writes In defense of localStorage:

So localStorage is slower than using an in-memory object. Cars are slower than airplanes. What does that tell us? Not a whole lot. …The reason localStorage is popular is partly due to its simplicity… The proposed alternative, IndexedDB, is perhaps one of the worst API designs I’ve ever seen.

John Allsopp does some performance testing in localStorage, perhaps not so harmful.

Shwetank Dixit (disclosure: my friend, from Opera) has a balanced post LocalStorage: Do you want fries with that?

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