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Apps: Web vs Native – swinging towards Web?

Last week I linked to a piece about Financial Times turning its iOS app off, to concentrate on the Web instead.

Technology Review wrote of their experience “The future of media on mobile devices isn’t with applications but with the Web.” in Why Publishers Don’t Like Apps.”Like almost all publishers, I was badly disappointed. What went wrong? Everything … We sold 353 subscriptions through the iPad. We wasted $124,000 on outsourced software development. We fought amongst ourselves, and people left the company. There was untold expense of spirit. I hated every moment of our experiment with apps, because it tried to impose something closed, old, and printlike on something open, new, and digital.”

Also How NSFW Corp Dodged The Newsstand Bullet And Lucked Into HTML5″ “when Not Safe For Work Corporation finally launched a few hours ago, there was no Newsstand edition, and no Kindle store edition. Instead, it’s HTML5 all the way.”

Mobilism mobile browser panel with Jeremy Keith and reps of RIM, Google, Nokia and Opera on

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