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A bumper reading list for those long holidays (and because I’ve been away conferencing for a few weeks and need to spurt out my backlog).



Conference videos


And finally, here’s Kim Wilde, pissed on a train after the Magic FM Xmas party, singing “Kids in America” and “Rocking Around the Christmas Tree”.

Buy "Calling For The Moon", my debut album of songs I wrote while living in Thailand, India, Turkey. (Only £2, on Bandcamp.)

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Comment by Mohan Arun L.

I always add the TITLE attribute to links and images because that is the only way that Firefox browser will display the info in TITLE in a tooltip when the mouse is hovered over the link or image in question.

Comment by Mohan Arun L.

Hi Bruce,

The information I usually want to display in a tooltip is something descriptive about the image or the link. Seems the ALT attribute cannot be used for displaying tooltip.


Comment by Chris Heilmann

The web scraping post is the biggest pile of misdirection I’ve read in quite a while. Coming from a site that tries to flog a “marketing book for hackers” it gives info on how to use a terribly flaky technology to steal people’s content you have no right of using.

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