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Sayeeda Warsi has to go

Although she’s a Tory homophobe, I’ve always quite liked Sayeeda Warsi. The fact that she’s an Asian woman, with a Northern accent makes her stand out from the artistocrats who inevitably form the majority of any Tory cabinet. I’d also admired the way she was a plain-speaker, too.

My appreciation of her plain-speaking disintegrated when I saw that she was on a ministerial delegation to the Pope and argued against secularism, presumably using my tax money to fund her superstitious pilgrimage to a priest.

Now she’s been claiming £165 a day for staying at a friend’s house, but not passing the money on. This may or may not be fraud, so may be illegal, but it’s certainly immoral, particularly when the party she’s Chair of wants to cap housing benefits for those who aren’t aristocrats or lawyers to £90 a week – about 8% of what Warsi was claiming.

The people whose money she has been “claiming” cannot vote her out, because she was never elected. The only time she stood for election, she was defeated by 4,615 votes, achieving a lower share of the vote than in 2001, despite a national swing towards the Conservative party.

If she has any decency, she’ll resign. Or if David Cameron has any decency he’ll sack her. And then, when she’s out of work, just like all the other public servants put out of a job by the Government’s policies, and her housing benefit is capped at £90, for a second or two I’ll believe the lie she’s been telling that “we’re all in this together”.

If you agree with me, why not tweet her and tell her to go?

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Comment by kal

So when she bashes homos, she’s a “plain-speaker”.
But when she meet the pope and argue against secularism, she’s a superstitious tax-waster.

Yeah, that makes sense…

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