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“I want to change the world”

Ex-Opera colleague and now Mozillian Anne van Kesteren writes a splendid little article today in which he says “I want to change the world so that the operating system is the browser and its app market the web” and describes in a little detail how.

I wholeheartedly agree with his aim, but I express my aim slightly differently: I want to change the world so the browser is the Operating System, the app market the web, and I can run any browser (indeed, any software) on a device I own.

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2 Responses to “ “I want to change the world” ”

Comment by Mağruf

Actually your expression is a bit true than him. Browser should be capable to do whatever you want wothout need any further app.

Comment by frederick tubiermont

the web browser is the ultimate native app, one app to rule them all. It opens the doors of the open web where all modern applications should freely run. That’s exactly what we’re crafting at the moment at, the first mobile web app enabling anyone to create & share mobile apps on the go. No need to download anything, no desktop involved, just the magic of your mobile browser 😉 coming soon…

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