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As you probably know, Google announced Blink, the new rendering engine that will power Opera and Chrome, forked from WebKit (which itself was forked from KHTML).

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And RIP Cynthia Waddell, a tireless lawyer and campaigner for disability rights on the web, and co-author of the first book I helped develop.

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Comment by Landpaddle

Giggled at your auto-update comment.

To be honest, I’d prefer Opera to make auto-updates optional after the switch myself, but if the Chromium source doesn’t allow for an easy way to manually update, then so be it.

And, just out of curiosity: Will Opera be using Native Client now that it’s changing to Chromium? The thought is a little worrisome to me, for some of the arguments Mozilla devs post against NC.

Comment by Bruce

I firmly support auto-updates; it keeps web browser security patched and up-to-date.

I don’t know whether we’ll turn on Native Client (there are various flags we can turn on or off). I’m not a fan.

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