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A bumper reading list as I forgot to press “publish” on it last week.

Closing the gap

A look at some discussions and emerging standards that attempt to close the gap between usability of web and usability of native apps:



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Comment by Rafael

“Installable webapps: extend the sandbox”
Bruce I love that you shared this!

I mean, this is an almost perfect approach to web apps. It’s a dream apart from the non-standardized iOS examples and the “Standalone app mode” idea that scares me (forcing the user into a full screen mode with no browser UI, no tabs, no URL field, and maybe even no “share button” if the web developer doesn’t provide one, it seems?). Also, it’d be easy for evil ads to abuse the “system” and display fake “Install app” buttons on pages making users accept to permissions of what in reality is malware.

I’ve been getting really curious to know how Opera sees the future for its users now that web apps are a thing and that packaged web apps are more of a browser vendor lock-in than anything else (because of the non-standard development APIs/languages).

Initially I thought it’d be related to the NEX extension format somehow as if sites would be able to suggest the installation of extensions that would bring to the user the acknowledgement about the permissions required and the whole mechanism to display notifications, access hardware, etc. But my thought looks obsolete now! I was trying to imagine something close to the packaged apps model and extensions were the things of more resemblance. 😛

So, do your personal view fit with Boris Smus’ suggestions? Can we please know more about what direction Opera Software is heading also?

Comment by steve faulkner

In regards to

clarifying use of <section> – proposed change to spec of <section> to recommend use of a heading

To understand the change I suggest reading the HTML WG thread and bug that lead to the change. Also input on either welcome.

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