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SxSW First Timer’s Guide

The South By South West conference has published its First Timer’s Guide with such nuggets as advising readers to drink water and “Be sure you know the name of your hotel”. In my customary mode of unceasing public service, I offer some more tips:

Happy Southby!

(It was much better in ’02 when I was hanging with Cory Doctorwho and David Byrne at the Jackalope. Of course, nobody went to the Jackalope, then.)

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11 Responses to “ SxSW First Timer’s Guide ”

Comment by Bruce

Jake said “Do not put balls in vise”. If you mean “vice”, I agree with you. If, on the other hand, you meant “vase”, I think that’s just the kind of exemplary SxSW roister-doistering that “keeps Austin weird”.

However, your assumption that SxSW geeks are all in possession of balls – and therefore male – is just the kind of pre-Cambrian sexism that pervades and pollutes our industry. I’m writing to Aral and Faruk about you.

Comment by Jake Archibald

Doh, yes, I mean vice. Being in the US is having a bad effect on me.

Your accusation of sexism is based on incorrect assumptions. The advice is simply “Do not put balls in vice”, I make no assertions on ball ownership.

Putting one’s balls in a vice is certainly one of the situations I’m advising against, but the rule equally covers putting another party’s balls in a vice. We all have access to balls, consensually or otherwise.

Comment by David Forer

I have no idea how I happened upon this blog post. I, obviously follow you Bruce as most but anyway. Thanks for cheering me up this morning as I needed a smile. Coleslaw is a wonderful thing when properly prepared. Cole’s Law is generally correct except when it is made by a Grandmother who knows what they are doing!

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