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The Balloon Man of Kovallam on copyright

Ten years ago (wow) I published some pictures of the Balloon Man of Kovalam that caused an amazing comment thread in which families and old friends were reunited and I learned a little of the life and death of Buck Wray, the Balloon Man.

I was digging though a couple of his books – he gave me a copy of Book #3. Here are the dedication and copyright pages.

31 December 1994
Copy #84
Ask .. Receive!
You did … so … you will!
Too easy, huh?
Go Bruce Go!
Best – loving + Lightning
by buck

You may: Xerox, photocopy, print, Re-publish, distribute “FREELY”


Notice: This book has absolutely positively NO copywrites. All materials, ideas, concepts expressions, words are stolen, from the source of ALL THAT IS. If any one claims to be the creator of originals of any of tese items listed above (with the exception of the THE WORD “lunagloriusmaxipiss”, which actually is a totally 100% New Word – However – inspired by another Source, the only Source, and I claim no exclusivity of this newly created word, since my “i” merely channeled this new big powerful word into the 3rd Dimension of Earth School for use Today), they are total fucking jerks and self-deluded liars. They did not. Could not. Can not, Did not. Copywrite laws are Bullshit, if what is created or written or created actually express Truth. If, it is Truth, it should be SHARED – FREELY. You many SHARE the contents of this book and all other books Freely with ALL THAT IS.

Enjoy, learn, have fun, SHARE Shit.

change agent
by buck

“Enjoy, learn, have fun, SHARE Shit.” Words to live by.

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2 Responses to “ The Balloon Man of Kovallam on copyright ”

Comment by Sue Eddy

Hello Bruce! I hope this finds you well. This is Buck’s younger step-sister, Sue Eddy. I was thinking of Buck today, having dreamt of him last night. And I thought I would come back and visit your site – which is quite old now for our part. I’m glad to see you still out there posting about all manner of things!

I want to re-thank you for posting your experience and bringing us all round together, but mainly for the stunning photos of Buck in his last years. I am an artist, a hiker, an animal lover and always hope that pays tribute to him.
I now reside in Phoenix, AZ, though I lived many years in Ireland.

Be happy! I wish you blessings of every kind 🙂 Thank you always.

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