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To those who tell me aspartame, coffee cause Multiple Sclerosis

I’m not shy about talking about having multiple sclerosis (largely because I have supportive employers so I’m not constantly in fear of being fired as many disabled people are). So from time to time I get blog comments or emails from crazies who tell me that multiple sclerosis is caused by coffee/ aspartame/ invisible MS rays from the evil Quaziquarg, Lord of the Quarg People.

These people simply don’t understand the nature of scientific cause and effect. My fist and their noses would serve admirably to demonstrate how this process works.

Here’s what the UK Food Standards Agency says about aspartame. Here’s information about a far more dangerous substance, Dihydrogen Monoxide – armchair scientists, circulate it around Facebook now!

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4 Responses to “ To those who tell me aspartame, coffee cause Multiple Sclerosis ”

Comment by Skeptic

Whilst Aspartame may not cause MS, it is nonetheless a horrid, toxic product. It has be banned by the FDA twice yet miracously deemed safe and re-instated as a ‘safe’ product for human consumption. Various studies have shown it to cause tumours.

Same as fluoride… here’s a great product that cleans your teeth and stops them rotting and getting f*cked up from all the additional sh*t we pump into your food. They don’t mention the fact that it is a bi-product of producing aluminium and that the workers in the plant would end up with various skeletal/bone diseases because of it.

I know what your thinking: “but hey, it’s ok, i swoosh and brush fluoride around my mouth but I spit it out”… yup, until they put that sh*t in the water supply because people in poorer area’s have bad teeth (caused by all the junk food they have been hooked on).

Quite frankly, I couldn’t give two flying f*cks about what the FDA or UK FSA tell me is ‘safe’ to eat as clearly corruption is possible on a large scale (if horse meat can get passed off as beef for countless years, whose to say a monetary ‘favours’ couldn’t get a committee and a few scientists to say “Yep, eat aspartame, it’s awesome as it’s not natural sugar so won’t make you fat and rot your teeth”.

Now don’t get me wrong, i’m not a conspiracy nut or a health freak – I eat my fair share of crap food too, but let’s all be honest and admit, money equals power and giant food/pharmaceutical companies can get things approved if it means it will make lots of money.

Comment by Bruce

Oleg, Skeptic – you know that vaccination is a way that the extra-terrestrial Lizard overlords keep us subservient and sap our precious bodyfluids, right?

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