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Where’s my bloody Christmas card?

You haven’t got one from me. But don’t feel weepy or left-out; nobody has. I don’t send them. Not just because I’m a miserable old curmudgeon (though I am) but because I think it’s silly to spend money on cards, money to send them (often via plane) so you can put it in a landfill after 10 days.

So instead every year I give the money I would have spent to a charity. This year it’s going to the MS Society of the UK, which funds research into multiple sclerosis causes and treatments, and educates the newly-diagnosed, their friends/ family and employers. That service was invaluable to me when I was diagnosed.

They’ve been going for 60 years, and I’m proud to support them. I hope that you’ll be pleased with where your Christmas card actually went.

So, dear reader, whatever you celebrate (or don’t) I wish you a happy and lovely 2014.

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3 Responses to “ Where’s my bloody Christmas card? ”

Comment by Marcus Klaas

Hi Bruce, Marcus here (the dude who replied harshly to your tweet)

Please let me explain why I felt this thing felt self-righteous to me. It is not because I feel you should send christmas cards every year. I do not believe it is bad style per se to broadcast on twitter you’ve donated to charity. Supporting charities is a nice thing to do: kudos to you.

What seems weird to me is donating money *instead* of sending cards. Is your budget that tight that you would not have been able to donate otherwise? Sending cards seems relatively cheap to me. Even if your budget is that tight, wouldn’t it have been nicer of you to cut on spending that is for you? Maybe donate money instead of buying a new pair of shoes for example.

Is it not rude to actually tell to people that you value yourself more than them? I know that’s not what you were trying to say, but that’s the vibe I got from this. Hence the tweet.

Hope this explains my viewpoint a bit..

Best wishes for 2014!

Comment by Bill Lees

Well Bruce, instead of sending you a card this year, I’ve bought a packet of “Rough Rider” ribbed prophylactics. Thought you’d like that. They are raspberry flavoured. I shall pass them on to my heirs and successors.

I know that you will love me the more for this.

And Marcus – don’t you know that Bruce is too socialist to wear shoes ?

Comment by Michael.

@Marcus I can’t comment on Bruce’s thoughts, but I see nothing wrong with not sending Christmas cards. Perhaps, twenty or more years ago (or even ten years ago), it made sense. But today, it doesn’t.

Most people in the developed world have access to the Internet. Thus, rather than send a card via the post, an email can be sent instead. Rather than sending a card a year, I can send my friends an email whenever I think of them. (Especially important as I don’t even know their addresses, or if they have moved, and thus have new addresses.)

By donating money to a worthy charity, instead of sending a Chrissy card, that money is actually going to do more good for the world.

The world has changed. The Internet is amazing. And I for one, don’t want to go back to a time without this amazing ICT tool.

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