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On sex education for 7 year olds in UK schools

The BBC reports that Sex education should start at seven, Lib Dems say.

Of course 7 year old kids should get sex education at school; puberty is from 8 years old for girls, 9 for boys.

The whole point of education is to prepare kids for life, so you have to tell them about stuff first (hint: that’s what “prepare” means.)

Sex education results in fewer sexually transmitted diseases and fewer unwanted pregnancies. This is not only good for the people involved, but is better for the whole nation – which makes it excellent public policy.

However, “parents will retain the right to pull children under 15 out of sex education lessons” according to the Daily Mail. Why? Do we let them take kids out of Maths or Geography classes?

There should be no opt-out from parents trying to foist their religion or sexual hangups onto their children. Education > indoctrination.

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Comment by Stéphane Deschamps

Not only is it an “of course,” but children have questions from a very early age (and occasions to wonder about nature abound), and I’m sure most parents are either uncomfortable or lack the education to explain properly.

My kids began asking questions at four or five, and we’ve been adapting our explanations since then, according to how much they understood or were ready to hear (questions like “where are babies made? hospital or home?”, DNA, in-vitros, etc.).

In France official sex education starts quite later, and most of the times it’s the “last hour of the year in biology if we happen to have time” in college (around 11-12 year old). I’ve always thought it’s late. Kids have eyes and ears.

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