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Pasternak: his transgression, and my revenge

This little poem popped into my mind on the Underground. (I’m very, very tired.)

Boris Pasternak
farted on my haversack.
I kicked him in his knackers-sack
(I had to get the bastard back.)

2 Responses to “ Pasternak: his transgression, and my revenge ”

Comment by Rob Kirton

Bruce, any chance you’re a fan of I’m sorry I haven’t a Clue on R4? You’ve clearly extended the concept of one song sung to the tune of another by paying homage to a poet in the style of another. Who’d have thought Pasternak could be referenced in a poem in the style of McGonagall. I tip my hat. and await your next. Maybe a Wordsworth / Pam Eyres mash up…

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