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Comment by Peter Rushforth

Hi Bruce,

We’ve been working on maps in HTML in the Maps for HTML Community Group. There are key pieces of Web architecture we think are worth reusing, like a map (hypertext)media type and plain URLs to data sources (layers), similar, but not identical to the <video> element (in a map you can have more than one layer, aka a mashup).

You can install our prototype custom element with “bower install web-map”.

You can find MapML data sources here: GeoGratis (some services not available via TLS yet, sorry) also you can find us on and of course on github and on the Maps for HTML Community Group homepage

There’s too much to convey in a blog post comment, so please, here’s an invitation to you and your readers to join our community and discuss declarative or any other type of web mapping with us and the browser development community over on the web incubator community group category for web mapping.

Finally, under the “what’s in a name (of an element)” category, I wrote a post about progressive web maps, which may also be of interest.

Peter Rushforth

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