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CSS-in-JS: FTW || WTF?

Here’s the video of my closing keynote at trigger warning: swearing, potatoes, Rembrandt and naked feet. And here are the slides, so you can follow along at home.

Buy "Calling For The Moon", my debut album of songs I wrote while living in Thailand, India, Turkey. (Only £2, on Bandcamp.)

2 Responses to “ CSS-in-JS: FTW || WTF? ”

Comment by jf

Hi, no, I truly did not Geddit (/contact/), sorry, I’m a bit dense and hence this comment (please delete it. Your business contact e-mail ID please, no, I am not a client, yes, I am looking for potential work from you and wanted to know if you’d want the services of a below average freelance transcriber (my rates “may” be below average as well, if not, you can always haggle (please don’t, I am not good at it).

Comment by jf

No, i’m not spamming your comment section to get your attention, fuck the job (well, not really…) but “Who are you?” was nice. Listened to it twice, first time i kinda didn’t like second time round though i guess it grew on me. Nice job man but if u don’t mind how come you locked it away for 27 years though, i’m asking coz i’m a wanna-be-a-musically-inclined-person, however, i was asking only if it’s not anything too personal, i am sorry if it was.

Checked out a bit “about” you as well “I am cursed / blessed with the ability to see both sides of every argument. I usually believe both sides simultaneously, too – it is a curse.” – IT IS a FUCKING CURSE!! (im speaking about my own similar affliction (yes, for me affliction is the right word, in ur case it might not – the conflicting sides just fuck my brains out — and not always necessarily in a good way) but could be because i believe that i am “indeed able” to see both sides of every argument (not exactly a very commonly found attribute, not where im’ from at least (or maybe it’s just that i don’t get out much)

P.S. (to both my comments on ur site) – 1) sorry if i was bothering you 2) thank you for your time

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