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The making of “Stylable – The Musical”

At the reportedly-excellent PerfMatters Conference on Tuesday, our Stylable ”” The Musical music video was unleashed in its world premiere. For those of you who missed this epoch-defining event, here it is!

We had great fun making it. It started out one Friday when I was failing miserably to do some important Git/ NPM/ Yarn/ Jekyll stuff. To cheer myself up, I decided to do something I know I’m good at, so fired up my music software and began recording a little ditty I’d been working on. (Old chums will know I occasionally make Web Standards-based reinterpretations of classic songs, such as Like A Rounded Corner and Living Standard.)

I sent the a roughly-mixed soundcloud link to three members of the Wix Engineering team I work most closely with, who played it to the wider team. The next day I was told that the song had been played during the annual product presentation to Wix’s senior management.

The incomparable Estelle Weyl tweeted that if we made a music video, she would play it at PerfMatters Conference which she was organising. I mentioned this to the team, and suddenly a professional director and crew had been engaged. One night in early January, I drank a bottle of Tempranillo wine and wrote the script, and then flew out to Tel Aviv to make the video.

Shooting took all day, in our team office, and at sunset on the roof of the Wix HQ building on the same street. I think that it properly captures the fun and enthusiasm of the Stylable team, while being professionally lit, shot and edited. I’d be willing to bet that we’re the first open-source project to launch with our own music video.

Big thanks are owed to Danielle Kanish of Wix Academy, who co-ordinated with the outside contractors; Maya Alon, Queen of Wix Academy and 14th incarnation of Parvati, for finding the budget; to director Yoav Gertner and his crew, who took my somewhat odd brief and made it happen; to Tal, Iftach, Tom, Uri, Benita, Kieran, Barak, Avi, Arnon, Hadar, Ido and Nadav from the Stylable team for being such good sports and being willing to make fools of themselves on video; to Estelle Weyl for giving me the idea, and to Alessio Carone for his help and advice on the karaoke subtitles.

I’m very lucky to work with an organisation that would sanction and fund such a daft project. Thanks, Wix! And if they fire me, I shall be offering bespoke dance tuition ”” but book soon; there’s a long line of people wanting to be able to move as seductively as I do in this video.

Buy "Calling For The Moon", my debut album of songs I wrote while living in Thailand, India, Turkey. (Only Β£2, on Bandcamp.)

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