about Bruce

I made the site as I wanted to distribute my songs, and the photos and stories from the years I lived in Turkey, Thailand, India, Bangladesh and Russia.

I’m a 50-ish year old guy living in Birmingham U.K. I’ve a first-class degree in English literature, a career in education and setting up the computer book publishing house "glasshaus" behind me. I was member of the Web Standards Project‘s Accessibility Task Force . That doesn’t mean I’m a guru or great theoretician or designer, just that I’m a jobbing web developer with a firm belief that the web is a revolutionary communication mechanism and should be available to all.

My career history is on LinkTin. This site is a personal site and opinions expressed are my own and don’t represent my employers.. It is therefore © Bruce Lawson.

I love people, music, travelling, art and literature and have vaguely liberal/ lefty politics.

Here’s some unfascinating facts about me:

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